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A.  According to our sages this is to teach us the greatness of charity. "G-d credits whoever gives charity to the poor as if they built the Holy Temple and presented offerings therein to G-d." In other words, the Torah tells us that a gift to the poor is a gift to G-d!
The Midrash tells the followings story: Rabbi Akiva was once traveling on a ship when he noticed in the distance another ship sinking. Rabbi Akiva knew a scholar who was traveling on the sinking ship and was sure that he would drown. When Rabbi Akiva came to shore and visited the synagogue, he saw the man engaged in study!
"How were you saved from the sinking ship?" Rabbi Akiva asked him.
"Your prayers must have helped me for I was thrown from wave to wave until I found myself on shore."
"What good deed did you do to merit being saved?" asked Rabbi Akiva.
"As I boarded the ship, a poor man came and asked for food. I gave him a loaf of bread. The poor man said to me, 'Just like you saved my life, may G-d save your life.'"
It was your mitzvah of helping the poor which saved you,” said Rabbi Akiva. Rabbi Akiva reminded everyone the words of King Solomon, "Cast your bread upon the water and in time you will find it!" Helping others comes back to help us.
Candle lighting time: 7:50 / Shabbat ends: 9:00

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