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"Then it all came together. When my family saw how hard I was working at improving myself, they tried to better themselves too. When my neighbors saw the change in my family, they too were affected for the better. And soon, the entire town started improving and bettering their ways!"
This is one of the lessons which the Chanukah candles teach us. The Chanukah candles are lit within the home to illuminate the outside. To illuminate others with the light of the Torah, one must begin within their own home. Only then can one expect to affect others as well.
In loving memory of Morris Kupfert - Moishe ben Gad - Yartzeit is today, Kislev 22.  
May his memory be a blessing and may his Neshama-soul rest in peace in Gan Eden.    
Dedicated by his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.


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