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Q.   Why is the groom led to the chupah before the bride?
A.   This, too, is rooted in the Giving of the Torah. As mentioned, the Giving of the Torah is likened to a wedding in which G-d is the groom and the people of Israel, the bride. According to Scriptures, G-d came first to Mount Sinai, before the people of Israel arrived. Similarly, the groom arrives first at the wedding ceremony.
Also, when G-d created Eve, “He brought her to Adam." Thus, it is customary to bring the bride to the groom.
Q. Why is it customary among many that the bride's family presents the groom with a Talit?
A. The Talit has four corners, with eight strings on each corner. In total, the Talit has 32 strings (4X8=32). "Heart" in Hebrew is "Lev," which has the numerical value of 32. The Talit thus expresses the blessing that the couple's life be filled with love for each other.
Q.   Why is the bride's face covered with the veil before the Chupah.
A.    This custom is found in this week's Parasha. The Torah tells us that when Rivkah met her future husband, Yitzchak, "She took the veil and she covered herself." (Gen. 24:65).
Montreal candle lighting time: 5:29 / Shabbat ends: 6:30


In loving memory of Hymie Busgang - Chaim ben Moshe Halevi - z"l - of blessed memory.
Yartzeit was Cheshvan 18.   May his soul rest in peace in Gan Eden.
From his wife, children and grandchildren


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