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The father replied, "My son, I never intended to take the coats for free. However, I was afraid that the money I collected was not enough to pay for the coats. So I asked him to be kind and give it to me for free. Once he agreed to this, any amount of money which I offered him would be acceptable and he would be very happy, even if it wasn't the full price of the coats."
"The same is with us," explained the Magid. "Can we honestly come before G-d and say that we have done enough mitzvot to warrant His kindness in return for what we have accomplished?”
Therefore we ask for G-d's mercy and kindness, saying, "We come before You without good deeds; as poor and indigent we knock on your door [for charity]." Only after G-d accepts our plea to grant us what we need as a result of His generosity, can our good deeds and mitzvot which we performed during the year, no matter how insignificant they may be, carry the added value to bring us even more blessings in the New Year.


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